Update: 40 Days Until We Hit Go

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all the support. We have raised about $2400 towards The Cause and almost $1000 towards The Ride! We really appreciate the generosity of everyone who has donated and helped out so far.

In the past month we have secured support from several different companies including Performance Bicycles Rockville, Patagonia, and Mike’s Bikes, right here in Lexington Park. We also completed a mini-tour of Maryland over Spring Break (see our next post), and have been planning several fundraisers here at St. Mary’s. On top of all of our schoolwork and other activities, it has been quite a semester.

But we aren’t in the clear yet! We have tons more planning to do, rides to go on, and money to raise (not to mention GRADUATE). We are setting the goal to have at least $5,000 raised for the cause by the time we start on the trip.

In whatever way you can, please help us get there! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.