A week to go, and we’ve been very busy. Besides continuing to prepare our gear and going on rides to get physically ready for the trip, we are about to come to the culmination of a lot of fundraising efforts. Starting with the Office of Sustainability raising money for our cause at the St. Mary’s College World Carnival (our annual spring festival) we have set up several events to try to reach our $5,000 goal by the time we leave for the ride. Keene is using his skills as photographer to take soon-to-be graduates’ senior pictures; we have two restaurant fundraisers organized, at Bollywood Masala and Thai Inter (both favorites of St. Mary’s students); we have set up an on-campus frisbee golf tournament, and a couple more events are in the works. We have also been building our relationship with Conservation International: on Monday, April 27, we drove to DC to take part in a Conservation International Millennial Happy Hour, a networking event for young people to find ways in which they can get involved in efforts to work towards a more sustainable society. We were honored to be there, and received autographed copies (pictured above) of books co-authored by CI’s own Executive Vice Chair, Dr. Russell Mittermeier.