Sherman’s Ice Cream Parlor and Kitchen

This is a special post, to highlight some of the special hospitality we have been shown on the trail. We had to stop in Confluence, PA longer than expected and, since we are basically just walking/cycling stomachs at this point, we were looking around for something to eat.

We happened upon Sherman’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor and Kitchen, and, as luck would have it, caught them on a weekend, which is when they are open. When we approached them about donating a meal, they didn’t bat an eyelash, and immediately began bringing out food for us to eat. This marked our first free lunch a MUCH appreciated piece of support for our ride.

But beyond being kind enough to throw some food in our direction, Sherman’s was great in a few other ways. A second business of the young couple who own it, Sherman’s serves as an outlet for their interest in cooking. It shows: the food was delicious, and from the menu, we could tell that a great deal of care was put into the food.

If you are ever in Confluence, PA, it is worth a visit.