Day 7: Mercer, PA to Fairview, PA (62.1 miles)


Snapping turtle outside of Mercer

We hit a few big milestones today. The first was that we passed our 500 mile mark. The second was that we hit Lake Erie. It was a beautiful ride, a lot flatter than the day before, and we finished in the late afternoon, also a first for us. This gave us some time to visit the local public library and catch up with some things: messages, finding hosts, and buying business cards (apparently we didn’t get the memo that these are a necessity for cross-country cyclists). Afterwards, we headed to our host’s house for the night. Sabeth is an Episcopal priest in Fairview, and staying with her and her family (Julian and their kids Bella and ‘Steban) was wonderful. They fed us and provided great company for the evening, sharing their experience (be wary of certain Ohio wineries) and giving us background on the area. Again, the amount of hospitality we have been shown is truly incredible, and we wish them the best.