Day 9: Perry, OH to Vermilion, OH (85.2 miles)


Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

We woke up, came out of our cave (the shower house we slept in to avoid the rain), and ate or daily oatmeal and peanut butter on the lake’s edge, now sunny. We had a long day ahead of us.

We finished 40ish miles in the morning, headed towards Cleveland, and decided that we wanted to make it through the city before we had lunch. However, we did make a quick pit stop at the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, before we left. It was quite a clash of subcultures: we walked around trying to find the bathroom in our spandex and helmets as people with band t-shirts strummed famous instruments.

Just west of Cleveland we hit our first Chipotle on the trip. Because we are raising money for Conservation International, restaurants sometimes donate meals to us to help us along and make sure that we can donate as much as possible. Chipotle, a sustainable food advocate, seemed excited about our trip and provided us with a feast of burritos, chips, and coke. We left full and smiling, ready to do our last 30 miles.

We made it into Vermilion at about 7:30pm, after a quick grocery trip, and arrived at our second Warm Showers host’s house. Our host’s name was Dennis, and, funnily enough, he had been to SMCM. He used to live in the Chesapeake Bay area and sailed to the St. Mary’s peninsula at one point. He showed us more of the same kindness we have been spoiled by this whole trip and we stayed up swapping stories and playing guitar into the late evening.