Day 10: Vermilion, OH to Bowling Green, OH (78.6 miles)


Flat, flat, very flat.

Our host in Vermilion had friends in the next town, Huron, that were also hosting a cross-country cyclist going west. After an early start from our host’s house, we met up with him for a day of cycling together. Danny, who started in Ithaca, NY is a filmmaker. He is cycling to Los Angeles, CA and making a documentary along the way, recording all the interesting and crazy stories and history that he hears from the people that host him along the way. We had a lot of fun cycling with Danny, and getting to know him and his ride throughout the day was a good deviation from our daily routine.

We finished 40 miles before 12pm, a big achievement for us, but, as the day went on, we started to experience the midwestern winds that we had been repeatedly told about by others who had completed a cross-country trip. Ohio quickly became very flat and the winds blew right into our faces for most of the afternoon, slowing us down quite a bit.

We hit Bowling Green in the early evening and found our way to the “cyclist-only campground” that was listed on Adventure Cycling Association maps that we are using to plan our route. None of us have ever heard of a cyclist-only campground before, so we were all very curious to know what exactly made it only usable by cyclists. As it turns out, the campground was a backyard belonging to a man named Matt and his family. Matt has done a lot of hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and, having been shown significant generosity and hospitality in his travels there, wanted to pay it forward. When he learned that he was right along the “Northern Tier” cross-country cycling route, he decided to open his yard up to cyclists.

We had a wonderful time staying in his yard, and he made us a delicious breakfast in the morning before we headed out. I feel like a broken record, but we are so appreciative of the generosity of our hosts. Each experience with hosts has been unique and enjoyable, and we are all very thankful.