Day 12: Payne, OH to Lagro, IN (71.1 miles)

This was our first full day of rain on the trip. On one hand we’re thankful because we have had pretty good weather for the most part, but on the other hand it was still tough to push through it. The consensus, however, was that suffering together would make us stronger as a team, so we tried to make the best of it.

Because it was freezing cold and wet (and because all the towns we rode through didn’t have much more than a gas station) our breaks were few and far between. However, our first morning stop was in Zanesville, where we hunkered down in front of a small general store (which we were hoping would be open but was not) to try to stay warm. Before long we were treated to the famed Midwestern hospitality when a couple who owned an antique store across the street invited us in for coffee and hot chocolate. We warmed up, but then got cold again as soon as we started riding.

We rode hard all day, and managed to finish our mileage by 4pm. We got to our hosts’ house, and were greeted with the warm, friendly, beautiful, and bustling home of the Veverka family.

We were fed a delicious dinner, took a trip to the grocery store to restock, and got an opportunity to spend time with a lot of the family members, including the many children (kids toys are apparently still fun to exhausted 22 year olds). We spent a lovely evening talking, and fell asleep in separate beds for the first time since we started. We truly cannot thank them enough for hosting us.

After a hot breakfast and a fabulous sendoff, we started off another cold morning, though, thankfully, it wasn’t raining.