Day 15: Iroquois, IL to Cornell, IL (79.1 miles)


The fields are full of windmills. Here's one up close.

It was a subdued 25 miles out of Iroquois. The flatlands had started to get to us, and we were starting to get desperate for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, that didn’t come on day 15.

We hit our 1,000 mile mark just outside of the town of Ashkum, IL and celebrated at the Subway that miraculously happened to be in a town of 800 people.

We made our way to Cornell uneventfully (though there was a hill at one point) but, once we got there, the intrigue began. We had accidentally called the wrong campsite to let them know we were on our way and instead landed in an abandoned Christian retreat center (which, if we had read the amendments to our map, we would’ve known closed over a year ago). Too late and too tired to go back, we called the other campsite to tell them that we had moved on, and set up our tent at the retreat center.

When Graham went to get the water, he met the couple living in the house next door. They verified our thought that it would be fine to spend the night there, and they even cooked us breakfast in the morning! We are loving the generosity of people here, but are looking forward to something other than cornfields in the next few days.