Day 23: Chanhassen, MN to Cambridge, MN (65.4 miles)


Hospital marks.

After breakfast and saying farewell to our wonderful hosts in Chanhassen, the Debenedetto family, we headed out into the rain, planning for a midmorning stop at REI to buy some necessary gear (such as bear spray for our imminent ride through the far west). The ride went smoothly but slowly, with only 25 miles done before noon.

After finishing at REI, we found a nearby Chipotle to donate our lunch. This is where things got interesting; two hours after lunch, Cyrus was feeling sick. At the next break, he finds himself in a situation that nobody really wants to be in: vomiting into the bushes in front of an elementary school. Another 10 miles later brought another bout of sickness. With only 13 more miles to go to get to their hosts’ house, we had no way to get there, as Cyrus could no longer stand up without nausea.

Thankfully, a call to our host, KC, solved our immediate problem: his daughter was able to come pick Cyrus up and bring him to their house while Graham and Keene cycled the rest of the way. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve everything. After several hours of sleep failed to cure Cyrus, he was taken to the emergency room, by his incredibly understanding hosts, to see what was wrong and to try to stave off dehydration. After an IV and a diagnosis of “probably a stomach virus”, Cyrus and Keene were picked up by (again, a very understanding and patient) KC in the wee hours of the morning, and fell asleep immediately upon returning home, hoping that things would be better in the morning.

Thankfully, they were. Cyrus felt much better, the sun was shining, and the team was able to get started in the late morning after making sure Cyrus was going to be OK to ride.

We want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to our hosts for their unbelievable kindness and flexibility in dealing with our unfortunate circumstances. Without their help we would have been in a far worse situation than we already were, and we cannot thank them enough.