Day 24: Cambridge, MN to Morrill, MN (55.9 miles)

Though we had a late start, we also had a fortuitously short day. A miscalculation in the day’s mileage brought us under 60 miles, which was probably a good thing considering the events if the day before.

Early on in the day we stopped at Adventure Cyclist Bunkhouse, a place whose owner, Don, is the definition of a “trail angel”. The bunkhouse is a converted barn that has beds, cots, couches, a TV, fridge and boxes of food, and many more welcome amenities to a tired cyclist. Cyclists can stay there for free. Unfortunately, we were not stopping there, and, after a short visit, we moved on.

We cycled the rest of the afternoon, and ended up in Alice’s Attic, which is also a converted barn: she sells antiques, holds themed parties, hosts weddings, and more. We spread out our sleeping mats on the floor, sprayed one another with a garden hose to get clean, and had a chat with Alice. She was the party singlehandedly responsible for turning the property from a functional farm into an antique store and event venue, and we were very impressed with her work. As the sun set (it sets at 10pm here), Graham and Keene climbed the old grain silo and Cyrus headed to bed.

When we woke up, Alice had made breakfast, and we were sent on our way fully rested and with full stomachs, thanks to Alice’s great hospitality.