Day 26: Osakis, MN to Fergus Falls, MN (63.9 miles)

We headed out of Osakis a bit later than usual because we had a wonderfully low mileage to go that day. We took our time in the morning, stopping to treat ourselves to brunch in Alexandria, but, after we saw that there was a movie theater in Fergus Falls, we made that our goal.

For obvious reasons we don’t get much of a chance to watch movies on the trip, but we needed a change of pace (the fact that we were approaching but had not quite yet reached our halfway point was starting to wear on us). We got to Fergus Falls in the mid afternoon, and headed straight for the theater with the movie ‘Spy’ in mind. We stowed our bikes in the theater’s back room, and, when we got back, found out that a couple that we had met outside had kindly paid for our tickets. The experience of the movie was great and just what we needed. It allowed us to get outside of the trip for a few hours, to forget about everything and just laugh.

After the movie we headed to our host’s house. Jen is training to be an herbalist and answered our message about hosting just in time. We chatted for a bit, but she was feeling under the weather after traveling so we all spent the evening just relaxing and doing our own thing.

She did have some warnings about our imminent entrance into North Dakota, however. Apparently, with rise of fracking in the northern portion of the state, Adventure Cycling Association (whose maps we are using) had to move their route south; not only has the traffic become more dangerous to cyclists, but big changes in social conditions have seen an increase in violence in those areas. We are glad to not have to ride through those conditions, but we are aware that it whitewashes things; we won’t see the fracking operations that have reportedly torn up that portion of the state.