Day 27: Fergus Falls, MN to Fargo, ND (82.6 miles)

We got another late start from Fergus Falls, so when we said thank you and goodbye to Jen the sun was already high and hot. However, it quickly cooled down as soon as we started biking due to a headwind that would push against us all day long.

We headed northwest out of Fergus Falls. Cyrus’ grandfather grew up not too far from Fergus Falls in a town called Luce, MN. It was interesting to ride through the landscape and imagine what it must have looked like in the 1930s, though we unfortunately were not able to pass through Luce itself.

As the day went on, the wind got stronger and the roads got flatter and straighter. When you face into a headwind for that long, it wears you down quite a bit and it soon just becomes a mental haze as you push pedal after pedal forward. The terrain and the many trucks passing us from a mine we had passed earlier that day didn’t help. Pedal, pedal, truck, pedal, pedal. It was a tough push for all of us by the end of the afternoon but we were stronger for it, and we swore to wake up earlier the next day to try to beat the wind.

We got into Fargo, just across the state border, in the early evening and found our way to our host, Dean’s, house. Dean was all smiles and kindness when we got there, and we thoroughly enjoyed talking to him throughout the evening. He helped us make a restocking grocery trip (supplies will likely be fewer and farther between in North Dakota) and then made us a delicious dinner. Such hospitality and comfy beds allowed us to regain our strength for the next day.

As it happened, the next day was member appreciation day at the health and fitness club that Dean works for, and they were putting on a pancake breakfast. Dean offered us a share in the pancakes. Not ones to say no to delicious, free, and all-you-can-eat food, we ate our fill before heading out. We thanked Dean for housing us and then headed out into North Dakota!