Day 28: Fargo, ND to Enderlin, ND (57.9 miles)

As the morning went on, the clouds congregated above us and started pouring rain down. We’ve been marvelously lucky to have had very little rain on this trip, but, when it does come, it’s usually cold, hard, and unrelenting. It’s also difficult to remember that it is, in fact, June and not March.

Keene and Graham enjoy the rain when it comes, but Cyrus is staunchly anti-rain. However, we were all tired of it after fighting it all morning. We stopped for a break at a gas station in Enderlin at about 1pm to warm up, and decided that we had had enough. We had some flexibility in our mileage so instead of pushing the 17 miles to a campsite, we decided to try to find a place to stay in town.

Keene looked up the local churches and called the first one on the list. As luck would have it, he called during the newly hired secretary’s two hour office hours, and we managed to link up with the pastor, Grant, and his wife, Manda. They let us shower and dry our clothes at their house and they were so friendly and full of stories that we wiled away a lazy afternoon at their house swapping stories and talking. At around 4pm they had a Lion’s Club event to attend, so they dropped us off at the church for the night. We made dinner and watched the animated “The Prince of Egypt”. Two movies in three days; we are spoiled.

We are thankful that Grant and Manda were able to provide us with a place to stay on such short notice. Sometimes plans change, and flexibility like theirs really helps us in those tight spots. We spent a peaceful night at the church and headed our early the next morning, still cold, but no longer raining.