Day 29: Enderlin, ND to Gackle, ND (75.8 miles)

Note: We are currently going through an area with sparse cell service. The blog posts may therefore not be posted everyday.

Early that morning we passed where we would have camped the previous night: Little Yellowstone Park. We stopped for a break and watched the mist roll over the little valley that seemed like our gateway to the far west. It will be a little ways before we hit mountains, but we are excited for the sights and sounds of a new landscape.

We continued along state route 46, which, we had been told in Fargo, is the straightest road in the world. We believe it. There were no towns between Enderlin and Gackle, but midmorning we did get a brief respite from looking at the straight path ahead of us: Keene’s family friends, Joe and Jenny, were on their way back from Minnesota to western North Dakota, and surprised us by pulling over for a chat and giving us each a banana and water. We will see them again in a few days when we head to Medora.

By early afternoon we made it to Gackle, and to our place to stay for the night: the Honey Hub. The Honey Hub is an apartment off of the house of Jason, a beekeeper and triathlete, as well as the son of one of the founders of Bee Stinger, a sports nutrition maker. The apartment is basically a free hostel for cyclists. Jason only spends part of the year at the house, so we did not get to meet him, but we were very thankful for showers and beds to sleep in.

Later in the evening, we tried to go into town to get some fries, but, unfortunately, Gackle’s main (only?) dive was closed for the day. It was back to the Honey Hub and into bed for an early night to get ready for the 100+ miles we would ride tomorrow: our first century.