Day 32: Richardton, ND to Medora, ND (61.3 miles)

The wind slowed us down some, but it was a short day anyway so we were fine taking our time. We passed through Dickinson, one of the towns that we were told had seen a boom since the oil industry moved in. Apparently it’s on the southern edge of the Bakken, and, as we rode west of town we began to see oil wells dot the landscape.

We had heard that we would hit the North Dakota badlands outside of Medora, so we were very excited for some new sights. We hit Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the early afternoon and stopped at the rest stop to take a look at the painted canyons.


This is what we saw.

Like nothing any of us had ever seen before, the beautiful landscape continued into Medora, where we were met on the interstate coming into town by Keene’s family friend, Joe. It was a royal welcome and made us feel like celebrities as he led us through town and showed us to our campsite for the night.

Joe is a (or rather THE) Teddy Roosevelt reprisor, and performs an hour long show called A Theodore Roosevelt Salute to Medora (Medora was an important place in Roosevelt’s personal history). He let us come to his matinee show, which, if you ever get the chance to see it, is definitely worth it.

Afterwards, he and his wife Jenny took us to dinner and then to the Medora Musical. Before heading to the musical, Cyrus asked Joe what exactly the musical entailed. Joe, with a smile on his face, told him something along the lines of: “watch it and then we can try and answer that question afterwards”. That, perhaps, is it’s best descriptor to those who haven’t seen it.

In any case, Joe and Jennie then took us to the cast and crew party afterwards to meet the performers. We enjoyed getting such an experience, but unfortunately, when biking across the country, bed times aren’t all that flexible and yawns told us that we had to cut our latest night of the trip short. We thanked Joe and Jennie for everything that they had done for us (an unforgettable Medora experience) and headed to Camp Roosevelt to sleep.


Camp Roosevelt.