Day 33: Medora, ND to Glendive, MT (72.8 miles)


Hello, Montana. And storm.

Today we entered Montana, our longest state. We will be there for almost two weeks, a full quarter of our whole trip. Who knew Montana was so damn big?

Our ride out of Medora was just as beautiful as coming into town, and we spent the morning on quiet roads enjoying the scenery. We were told we may encounter buffalo that morning, but, to Graham’s disappointment, we did not. Entering Montana halfway through the day was exciting because it marked a kind of home stretch for us: Montana, then Idaho, and finally Washington meant we were starting the final leg of our journey. As we neared Glendive we watched a storm roll in over the hills; like the Midwest, you can see for miles, but it is different here in that 1) it’s not flat and 2) it’s clear from horizon to horizon, whereas in the Midwest the horizon ends in a haze.

We stayed with Joy and her husband in Glendive in their beautiful cabin along the Yellowstone river. They signed up for Warm Showers, the app we use to connect to hosts, after reading about it in the local paper and we were only their second group of guests. We are glad they did; we needed a full night’s rest before undertaking our second century of the trip the following day.