Day 34: Glendive, MT to Wolf Point, MT (101.9 miles)

We woke up in the morning with the forecast of winds, 10-15 mph coming from NW, hanging heavy on our minds. Our last 100-mile day we had had a strong tailwind all morning that pushed us along, but a headwind would pose a much greater physical challenge.

We started off at 6:40am, hoping to get in some miles before the wind picked up, but we had no such luck. Forming a draft line to try and make it easier on ourselves we battled 22 miles to Lindsay, MT where we caught up to Mel, another cyclist touring the Lewis and Clark trail. Mel joined our line and together we made it to the 50 mile mark at Circle, MT just after noon. We posted with Mel, did since grocery shopping and refueled ourselves before setting of on the next 50 miles.

Thankfully, the wind died down some in the afternoon. However, what we didn’t get in headwind was made up for in long, rolling hills, and, by the time we made it to Wolf Point, we were pretty tired.

We stayed with Pat that evening; she was the friend of cyclists we had met at a rest stop the day before and who had arranged for us to stay with her. We are so thankful they did; after a long day (about 9 hours of being in the saddle) we couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome.

Pat was also able to tell us a bit about being on a Native American reservation (Wolf Point is on Fort Peck Indian Reservation). Her story was very interesting, and we learned many things that we did not previously know. Unfortunately, we were very tired from the long day and had to get to bed, but we wish we could have stayed and talked with her more about it.