Donate to Conservation International!

With less than 20 days left until we hit Seattle, we have a little under $3,000 left to raise to meet our fundraising goal of $10,000 for Conservation International. We want to reaffirm the fact that we cannot reach this goal without you: our readers and supporters.

Doing good things for other people and the world is easy and enjoyable, and everyone accesses kind, generous, and hospitable actions daily and in unique ways (as this trip has made clear). But, when we bring those sentiments together and unite them, we can accomplish something really amazing. That is the goal of our trip: we want to truly help ($10,000 is A LOT of money) an organization doing really great work in the places that most need their help. Conservation International does concrete projects campaigning governments and working with industries and communities to become more sustainable and resilient to coming environmental changes. Please take some time to read about their work. You can donate to Conservation International here.

We want to thank everyone who has already supported our cause. It means so much to us, and you can be assured that it will make a difference. Please continue to spread the word about our trip and our cause.