Day 35: Wolf Point, MT to Hinsdale, MT (84.8 miles)



We left Wolf Point and spent the morning on a quiet road without many cars. We drifted through the morning miles lazily, still sore and tired from the day before. Eventually we had to shape up, however. As soon as we began riding on Route 2 the drivers got angrier and closer. To stay safe we took up the whole lane. This is the only way to make sure that drivers move to the other lane to pass you (they have to consider their own safety in moving into oncoming traffic so they usually slow down and wait until there is no traffic to pass you). If you ever see a cyclist doing this, they aren’t being a jerk, they just don’t want to get hurt.

After a lunch break in Glasgow we made the decision to leave the busy Route 2 and instead take a detour to Hinsdale. We knew most of the detour was gravel and dirt roads, but decided to take it, for better or worse. While locals driving by kept looking at us funny, the detour was actually very beautiful (Note: a contender for the weirdest thing we’ve seen yet was a 5 year old child driving a pickup truck down this road. We got off the road for that one).

The detour did tire us out, however, and by the time we got to Hinsdale we were exhausted, ready for a meal and sleep. We ate and then jumped into our tent to avoid the swarms of mosquitoes that plague this area of Montana (instead of street sweepers, trucks come around at night to spray for mosquitoes).

Today was our worst day for traffic on the whole trip (again: Montana, who knew?) and it brought our morale down quite a bit. We want to remind our readers to be very careful around cyclists, and not to value getting somewhere fast over somebody’s life.