Day 38: Havre, MT to Chester, MT (62.9 miles)


No explanation necessary.

The weather really began to heat up, and, even by midmorning, it was in the 90s. We also had a headwind, but, at long last, the traffic had finally cooled down. We also had a large shoulder to ride on most of the day, so we finally got to relax a little. We took it slow, stopping at many of the tiny towns along our route to refill water bottles and cool off.

With the stress of traffic decreased, our morale lifted and we got to enjoy each other’s company again. We spent a lot of the day talking, joking, singing, and getting back to our normal rhythm. The landscape did not provide much distraction. We seemed to be in the middle of Montana wheat country, and the fields of grain stretched as far as the eye could see, occasionally dotted with large, alien pieces of machinery and silos.

We got to Chester without incident and, after a restocking trip to the grocery store, headed to the well groomed city park where we spent the night. We knew the next day was going to be even hotter, so we decided on an early bedtime to wake up early and beat the heat. The city park warned that the sprinklers in the tent area would start at 9am, but we rode west at 6:45am towards Cut Bank.