Day 39: Chester, MT to Cut Bank, MT (67.7 miles)

Temperatures reached over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by midmorning, but, since we had gotten such an early start, we only had 22 miles left to ride in the real heat. On the way to Cut Bank we caught our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains, many of them still snow capped. It’s crazy that our ascent over the Rockies is still days away, yet we could already see them. While Keene had seen them before, Graham and Cyrus had not, and the looming peaks gave us something to ride towards through the endless fields if wheat.

We got to Cut Bank by 1:45pm and checked in with one of the parishioners of the church, Roger, where we would spend the night. He let us in and showed us where we could leave our stuff. He chatted with us, too. Roger had been a dentist on the adjacent Blackfeet Native American Reservation for over 30 years (and continues to be, though he is officially retired). We are intrigued by everything we are learning about these reservations, and it is interesting to hear all the different perspectives from everyone we meet.

After Roger left us to our own devices we spent some time catching up on administrative matters: calls home, writing letters, contacting hosts, and similar tasks. We ate dinner and headed to bed early again as the same heat was predicted for the next day.