Day 40: Cut Bank, MT to Cardston, Alberta (Canada) (74.6 miles)


With only one town between our starting point and destination and another hot day ahead of us, we knew we had to make sure we were prepared. With over 2 liters of extra water each, we rode out of Cut Bank towards the border. It took about 40 miles of riding into a headwind (we’ve had over a week of those now) and through farmland to get there, but the shifting view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance provided some distraction from the grind. None of us had ever passed through a border security checkpoint on land before, but getting across was surprisedly easy. The Canadian border guards asked some questions, trusted our answers, scanned our passports and let us through.

We were planning on refilling water at the town just across the border, but, as it was Sunday and the town was small, everything was closed. Luckily, the church was open and after waiting outside for the service to let out, we were able to refill.

We rode into Cardston and headed to the visitors center to find out where we could spend the night. The people at the center were very friendly (one even offered up his backyard to camp in) but after talking to another tourer in town (going east cross country) we decided to stay at a local campground. It was quite a but cooler in Cardston than it has been in Montana (we have increased in elevation quite a bit) and we were able to relax and enjoy sitting outside by the river next to the campsite.

True to stereotypes of friendly Canadians, we were approached by many more people than we usually are through the course of the day, and we had a lot of fun talking to various people, from the other tourer, the guys at the visitors center, the church goers, and the people at the campground. Even though it is past day 40, we still enjoy getting to meet so many new and different people just going about their lives in all these different places.