Day 44: Rexford, MT to Troy, MT (86.7 miles)

With 8 days to go until we reach Seattle, we have raised $9,521 of our $10,000 goal.


Lake Koocanusa.

We left Rexford and biked along the reservoir all morning. We feel really lucky to be riding through such beautiful country, especially at a pace where we really have the chance to take it in. We pass in and out of national forests and conservation areas and, though we haven’t seen all that much wildlife, the calm of the vast expanses of forest and mountain make our days easier, making up for the stressful days of eastern Montana.

By 2pm we had finished 70 miles, and we stopped in Libby. However, throughout the morning and early afternoon it had gotten hotter without us being too aware of it. It was only when we got to Libby that we realized it was over 100°F again. We ended up taking a longer break than expected there (helped along by conversation with the locals and free Pizza Hut), and only left town at 5pm.

We didn’t know exactly what our plan was for camping that night when we set off from Libby. We originally had owned to go to Troy, but it was 4 miles off-route (adding 8 miles total), and with the heat, we simply didn’t feel like it. We tentatively planned on camping somewhere past the Troy turnoff in the woods asking the road.

When we got to the turnoff we were fortunate enough to find a rest stop that allowed camping. It was clean, not to busy, and wee were able to find a secluded spot to pitch camp.

We had some time to play cards (only the second time on this trip!) and then headed to bed. All was well until the sprinklers started at about 2am. While Graham and Cyrus slept through it, Keene secured the rainfly on the tent and waited out the storm.