Day 45: Troy, MT to Sandpoint, ID (89.3 miles)

With 7 days to go until we reach Seattle, we have raised $9,521 of our $10,000 goal.


Last glimpses of Montana!

The turnoff at Troy was not heavily trafficked at all, so we got to spend a quiet morning saying goodbye to Montana. Spirits were high and we sang songs and reminisced about the beginning of the trip as we rode. Mid-morning we stopped at the Big Sky Pantry, a little shop on our route. We knew we had hit gold when we saw the fresh loaves of bread sitting on the counter. We each bought one (Cyrus bought loaf of banana nut bread as well, just for good measure) and we proceeded to feast on pb&j on the delicious bread.

As we crossed into Idaho, traffic picked up and so did the heat. We made the push towards Sandpoint, stopping in Hope to pick up a care package (thanks, for the third time, to Graham’s god-parents, Betsy and T) and made it there by late afternoon.

We stayed in the backyard of a couple, Therese and Kenny, who usually rent out a cabin in their backyard to cyclists. They were very kind, and, after making sure we were settled, told us how to get to a public access beach on Lake Pend Orielle, on whose edge Sandpoint sits. We biked over for a sunset swim, which was a wonderful change of pace.

We fell asleep easy, ready to enter or last state the next day.