Day 47: Ione, WA to Kettle Falls, WA (55.0 miles)

With 5 days to go until we reach Seattle, we have raised $10,065 of our $10,000 goal! We made it!

Thank you all so much for your generosity in helping us reach this goal. Having reached the goal is by no means discouragement from donating, however. If you feel moved to support Conservation International, please feel free to continue to donate through our page. The more we raise, the more Conservation International is able to make a positive difference in the world!


Cyrus almost lost his water bottle in there!

With a short day ahead of us, we felt justified in getting up 30 minutes later than usual, but we’ve been getting so good at breaking camp that we still hit the road about the same time. We had a warm-up climb in the morning (warm-up for the mountains, that is) and spent a lot of the rest of the day going downhill. After lunch in Colville, the wind and heart picked up, and, even though we only had 10 miles left, it felt like far too long. Short days can mess with your head like that.

We wanted to get to our destination early enough so that we could watch the US Women’s National Soccer Team play in the final of the World Cup (perhaps the real reason this was a short day). We made to Kettle Falls with about an hour to spare, and, after disappointingly finding out that the local brewery was closed on Sunday, headed to TJ’s Bar and Grill. We spent the afternoon (it was on local time for us!) entranced by the game and eating lots of fries, of course. It was the Gear Up crew’s favorite part of the day by far.

After the (spoiler alert) big win, we set up camp in the city park behind the Visitors Center, where we had met a nice couple as we came into town that told us we were not only allowed but encouraged to camp there. Maybe so, but they didn’t warn us about the trains that blasted by the park, whistles shrieking, at 2am. Such is life for us transients, but we’re still enjoying it.