Day 48: Kettle Falls, WA to Tonasket, WA (83.6 miles)

With 4 days to go until we reach Seattle, we have raised $10,115 of our $10,000 goal!


Keene eating a torta from the taco truck.

We got up early again (4:30am) to face our longest day of climbing on the trip. We climbed two mountain passes (Sherman and Wauconda) for a total of 43 miles of climbing. For the most part we were climbing through heavy evergreen forest, a familiar sight since Glacier, but, as soon as we made it over the second pass we felt the dry heat of the desert.

Descending the pass should have been easy, but by that time we were exhausted and the desert made things difficult. When we finally rolled into town the first thing we did was chug Gatorade at the nearest gas station. The desert was a radically different landscape than we had seen up to that point in the trip, and it was beautiful to watch as we rode through it singing “Horse With No Name” to get us through the heat (just replace “horse” with “bike”).

We stayed behind the Tonasket visitors center which was fully equipped for cyclists to spend the night: Wi-Fi, bathrooms, and a place to put our tent. We were pretty full from the Gatorade, but there was a Taco Truck across the street from us, so we had to make a little room.

Tired after the tough day we fell quickly to sleep, thinking of the few short days between us and Seattle.