Day 51: Marblemount, WA to Arlington, WA

Anticipation built all day as we rode. We headed deeper and deeper into the coastal greenery of western Washington, watching as the trees, moss, and ferns became the predominant vegetation where evergreens and dry land had been the norm since Glacier National Park.

Because of our decision to continue biking the afternoon before, our day was short. We arrived at our hosts’ house at about 1pm and, for the first time on our trip, we ate lunch with our hosts. Carl and Ruth had lived in Japan for 20 years, and they made us delicious cold Japanese noodles and fresh fruit (something we rarely get) which really cooled us down from the ride.

Because we got in so early, we were also able to visit the local library to catch up on some administrative things. Afterwards we headed back to Carl and Ruth’s, where we spent the afternoon and evening talking and feasting on more delicious homemade Japanese food. We had a great time talking to Carl and Ruth; we learned about their time in Japan, Washington state, and their other travels as well as sharing many stories of our own.

They were perfect hosts to have on the eve of the last day of our trip, and we are so thankful for their hospitality.

One more day!