Day 52: Arlington, WA to Seattle, WA


Even though we had another pretty short day to get into Seattle, we woke up at our normal time of 5:30am so that we could get in and out of the city (to our host’s house in a Seattle suburb) outside of rush hour time. Though they had warned us that they weren’t as early risers as we are, Ruth had made a batch of pancakes the previous evening for us to hear up in the morning. After about 52 days of oatmeal mixed with peanut butter and maple syrup, we really appreciated the variety, and the pancakes were delicious.

We packed everything up knowing that it was our last time, took pictures and said goodbye to Carl (he had woken up by then), and hit the road. We were using a combination of several bike trails to get into the city so there was no traffic to worry about most of the time. This allowed us to talk and sing and reflect together most of the morning without worry.

We ate the last of our food, and had our last McDonald’s fries experience (for what will likely be a very long time) and moved on into the city. Riding in the afternoon was a bit more hectic, but went well.

At about 2:30pm we hit our final destination of the trip: the Space Needle. After setting out from the Washington Monument on May 20th, we had ridden 3,877 miles to get there. We celebrated, lifted our bikes into the air, and took some pictures, overjoyed to have completed such a big journey and to have meet or fundraising goal before we got there.


We headed out of Seattle by bus. It is always a tough thing to figure out an area’s public transportation system on the fly, but Keene, who is our route and maps guy, did a stellar job and we left without a hiccup. We got to our host’s house and unpacked our bikes for the last time, spent some alone time getting settled and then headed to a recommended Thai restaurant for our celebration dinner. It was delicious (and authentic, according to Graham, who has been to Thailand) and we sat happy and full, enjoying each others’ company (yes, we still do after 52 days) and the end if our adventure.

This won’t be the last post on this blog, for those of you who may go through withdrawal, but they will no longer be daily. Look for updates on the statistics of the trip and what the members of the Gear Up Crew are headed for next!