Our cross-country ride is dedicated to promoting environmental protection and the sustainable development of our collective social, economic, and legal systems. All three of us decided on this cause due to our strong interest and personal dedication to advancing environmental interests as we enter into the “real world”. We would love for you to join us: please consider a DONATION to help us raise money for the cause.

The well-being of humans on Earth depends on protecting the environment and working towards a sustainable future. Consider the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Economics, and Equity. We rely on the environment for natural resources that constitute everything we use in our daily lives; therefore, we need to develop responsible ways of using these resources. Nested within the health of our planet is the necessity for individuals and societies to rethink consumption and promote present and future economic stability. Finally, all groups need to benefit equally from sustainable development; that is, some groups should not have to suffer the costs of environmental problems more than others.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan

The funds “To the Cause” of Gear Up for a Greener Earth will be directly forwarded to Conservation International, a charity organization concerned with global environmental protection. Conservation International promotes a sustainable future by undertaking projects to protect natural resources around the world, campaigning for political support of environmental protection initiatives , and working to promote environmental awareness in industry. Donate here.

If you choose to donate additional funds “To the Ride”, they will be used to cover expenses of the ride itself. Any surplus funds at the end of the trip will be donated to a charity that campaigns against the factory farming industry and promotes sustainable agriculture. Donate here.

Both organizations were picked through an intensive review process of investigating the financial responsibility, effectiveness, and public image of the organization. They are both highly rated on Charity Navigator, an independent non-profit ranking organization. We stand by our choices as the best candidates to benefit from our efforts.

To learn more, visit their website here:

It is vital to recognize that positively impacting the natural world is not best done solely by personal lifestyle choices like recycling and supporting sustainable agriculture (though those do help). Rather, major change is primarily brought about by large-scale intervention and activism. With more and more education about environmental issues, we, the Gear Up for a Greener Earth Riders, have made an effort to participate in these kinds of activities in our own lives.

The ride will not only serve to help the cause by raising funds, but the experience will have intangible benefits. Through our trip, we will meet and speak to countless people across the country, drawing attention environmental protection and conservation. We will also undergo experiences that have a profound effect on our perspective of the country, the world, and our place within the environmental community. Finally, we will make connections that will last a lifetime, casting a wide network that will help us work towards a more sustainable planet in the future.

DONATE to the cause.