Cyrus Chimento


Cyrus is a biology major at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, with minors in mathematics, philosophy, and environmental studies. He has a deep interest in environmentalism, and wants to be part of the movement that ensures a healthy, productive Earth far into the future. He sees this ride as a starting point.

Having spent a large part of his early childhood in Europe, Cyrus grew up with bikes as a primary form of transportation and saw their many benefits early on. After his first year of college he got his first road bike, and his interest in and enthusiasm for cycling took off. That fall, he and his father entered the “St. Mary’s Century” cycling event and completed 50 miles, Cyrus’ first long distance ride. Ever since, he has continued taking long rides whenever he can. In order to learn how to maintain his own bike, he landed a job at the Campus Bike Shop as a mechanic so that he could start servicing his own bike.

“Les Milbrath was fond of reminding me that “nature bats last.” What Les meant by this was that we live in a finite world and humanity will eventually be forced to adopt sustainable practices. While we have no choice regarding whether we eventually adopt these practices, the speed with which they are adopted will determine the grace with which we make this transition.”

– Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr

He first learned about environmentalism as a Boy Scout, where the principle of “Leave No Trace” guides young men’s experience of the outdoors. Eager to take an active role, Cyrus volunteered as a counselor for the Outdoor Education program in high school, teaching 6th graders basic ecological principles and natural history. Later, he participated in the St. Mary’s River Project, a club that sends teams of college students into local 5th grade classrooms to teach about humanity’s connection to the environment, especially the Chesapeake Bay. In 2014, he joined the Environmental Protection Committee, a student government committee dedicated to writing school policy suggestions for sustainable energy use.

Obviously, Cyrus doesn’t think the world will change overnight, but he does believe in the concerted effort of caring people to recognize and act upon the fact that we all need a healthy environment to thrive. As a member of the Gear Up for a Greener Earth crew, he is excited to raise funds and awareness that make a difference, but, above all, he wants to make connections and raise hopes, helping people be optimistic about the Earth’s future.