Keene Kelderman


During fall of his final year at St. Mary’s College, Keene was approached by Graham and Cyrus to accompany them on a bike trip across America. At first, Keene was apprehensive; without any previous experience in extended riding and a bike in need of some love, Keene wasn’t quite sure if he would be able to make the journey. However, being involved with the Campus Bike Shop has allowed Keene to learn how to update his bike for the trip. Additionally, he is training with Cyrus and Graham throughout the spring semester. This way, both he and his bike will be ready for the long haul come May.

Keene, a Chemistry major with minors in Religious Studies and Mathematics, can often be found at the climbing wall. He took up climbing during his sophomore year, despite being afraid of heights, and has since become invested. For Keene, climbing is a way to overcome difficult problems while still getting a workout, which will definitely be useful for this summer’s ride.

Keene believes that there is great need for communities around the world to collaborate and work towards a sustainable future. During his past two years at St. Mary’s, Keene has worked closely with the Office of Sustainability to help steer the college towards sustainable development, heading up projects from writing grant proposals to build a biofuel processor for the college, to developing smaller programs to increase energy efficiency on campus. This type of work allows Keene to feel connected to his college community, knowing that what he does promotes responsibility in the school’s future use of natural resources.

Since high school, Keene has always been interested in pursuing a career that helps the world work towards a more sustainable future, specifically through alternative energy sources. What drives Keene forward and encourages him to make a difference in the world is his deep connection with the environment; he believes that as a member of the Gear Up for a Greener Earth crew, he will begin to connect communities across America by spreading the word about sustainability and environmental protection. He can’t wait.

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”

– John Muir